Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Essay --

It is important for people to imitate others before they can become original and creative. Imitation can be looked down upon by society; however, it is not as bad as it is chalked up to be. Imitation allows people to establish themselves. People have role models and admire them. A person aspires to achieve as much as their idol has done. Imitating a role model is necessary to be original and creative because mimicking allows one to be put in a position to influence others and to build upon qualities of the role model. Athletes are an everyday example of imitation. Athletes have role models that they look up to while growing up. For example, superstar athlete LeBron James has stated in numerous interviews that he aspired to be like Michael Jordan while growing up. He was influenced by someone who was successful and is considered the greatest of all time. Mimicking Michael Jordan’s game, LeBron has been put into a position where he is an idol for others. He can now show off his creativity, which others can look up to. LeBron James has established himself to the point that others will ...

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