Sunday, February 9, 2020

Business Health Check for the Brighton Beach Hotel Essay

Business Health Check for the Brighton Beach Hotel - Essay Example This report starts with a study of the environment in which the business operates. It considers the main management processes used by the organization, and compares the functioning of its major departments. The analysis considers how the resources and assets deployed in the business can be more productively deployed, and the quality of the company’s strategy, in view of its strengths and the threats it faces as well. The report attempts to take a long-term perspective, considering the future values and relevance of today’s practices. PEST Analysis is a term integral to this report, which deserves a special description. This method considers the political, social, economic, and technological factors that have significant impacts on the fortunes of the company. The results of this analysis are appended to this report, after the list of references. This report also refers to the concept of a Mission Statement. The latter is an expression of the main purpose of an organizat ion. It serves to unite efforts throughout an organization.

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